Thursday, May 17, 2012

Tomorrow's Flight

Tomorrow Aleah and I will depart from the Des Moines airport, fly to Chicago, then take a Boeing 777 to Beijing.  We will spend May 19th and May 20th sightseeing.  If we go to Tiananmen Square, I hope to go through Chairman Mao's tomb this time.  There was a long line when we were there in '04, and they discouraged me from trying to go through it.  I still remember all the kites being flown that day - especially the ones shaped like an eagle.  They swooped and dove and looked ever so realistic!  And of course, Aleah came home and proved herself to be quite the talented little kite flyer.  For some time, we had a four foot long "goldfish" hanging in the elm tree in the back yard on South Street, where her kite string had snagged! 

There are always a lot of unknowns in international adoption, and it pays to prefer yourself for the worst while hoping for the best!!  Before I adopted the first time, I studied up on RAD (Reactive Attachment Disorder), Sensory Integration Disorder, Autism, and all the myriad behaviors institutionalized children can sometimes exhibit.  Of course, what I got was a smart little girl with a very brave and noble heart!  :D)  Yesterday I ran across a poem which lent a little courage:

One ship sails East.
One ship sails West.
Regardless of how the winds blow,
It is the set of the sail
And not the gale
That determines the way we go!  (Author Unknown)

Also:  "Joy is the flag that flies above the castle of our hearts indicating that the King reigns within."

Here's hoping our cup of joy overflows!!


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