Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Breakthrough!!

After we got back from the Panda Preserve and our fabulous lunch, we played games to entertain ourselves in the hotel.  Aleah got hyper, as she is known to do, and performed such silly antics, Ava laughed out loud.  Not a loud laugh, but audible!!  She has laughed a time or two since then, so I know she is relaxing a bit. 
I typed into googletranslate whether there was something she would like to do this evening and she said no.  She said yes when asked if she was hungry, so Aleah asked her to draw what she would like to eat.  She drew a big bowl of rice.  She wanted to return to the "fast food" Chinese restaurant we had been to twice before.  I asked her if she would order for us this time because last time we got two things we didn't want.  She looked hesitant (she is a shy girl), but nodded her head, so we set off down the street.  You have to climb two sets of stairs to reach the restaurant.  When there, Aleah pointed to the menu and Ava ordered for the two of them, plus a "coca cola" for me (pepsi).  Ava then took the right amount of yuan out of my purse and paid.  She chose our table, and when Aleah's chopsticks were crooked, she examined them closely and went to the counter to show them to the worker and to ask for another pair!!  I was so proud of her!!
On the way back, Aleah was still hyper, so she moon-walked and skipped and sang a little tune.  I held up my right hand like a blinder to the side Aleah was on and said to Ava "Let's pretend we don't know her!"  Ava laughed again!!
The hotel smells of cigarette smoke and that "smell" you can't get away from in China.  I've acclimated to it, but Aleah always tries to hold her breath between the elevator and our room.  I usually give the key card to Ava and she rushes down the hall with Aleah and tries to open the door quickly so Aleah can take a breath.  Tonight she was hurrying to get the key card into the door and she got so tickled that she couldn't get it to work fast enough.
I think we're growing on her, in spite of herself!! 

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