Wednesday, May 30, 2012

In the Airport

We are in the airport in Guangzhou at 8:00 a.m. our time.  I was surprised to discover they had free wi-fi. John was like a nervous mother hen, walking us all the way to the security gate and hovering to make sure we made it through okay.  He asked to take our picture.  He is worried about Ava missing people and things in China.  We had a little trouble getting our boarding passes, so I am sure glad he was with us.  The agency's travel section booked Ava's boarding pass just like Aleah's and mine - last name first, then first name.  In China, they do not invert names.  He had to argue quite awhile and I can tell he is concerned I will have the same problem in Shanghai, with no interpreter to help.  He wrote his phone number down for me to call if we have problems. 
I set off the alarms once again.  This time they narrowed the problem down to my shoes.  Evidently there is a leather-covered metal button on each side.  I will take them off next trip through security and see if get through.  I was vaguely aware they had stopped Aleah also, so as soon as they gave me my shoes back, I went to her counter.  The Chinese woman there was looking very stern.  She had Aleah's backpack on the counter, pointed to it and she said "Knife!"  I was surprised, and said "No. No knife," shaking my head.  She searched it and took many of Aleah's games out and ran them back through the machine.  Finally, she brought Aleah's hacky sack to us and said "Maybe this it."  Whew!  It felt good to get on the other side!  It rained last night and John seems to think our flight will be delayed by about 40 minutes, but as of now, the panel still says 9:00 departure time.  The girls are entertaining themselves by shopping in the toy store and book store across from the waiting area, where they are still in my sight. 
The hotel surprised us and had breakfast prepared in to-go boxes with sandwiches, muffins, rolls, and, of course, the ever present boiled egg.  John evidently asked them to prepare breakfast for us by 6:00 a.m.  I have never met a man so thoughtful!  He thinks of the tiniest little details!!  He told me on the way over that by the year 2014 there will not be traffic allowed on Shamian Island.  He said the Victory Hotel hates that, but the White Swan has a bridge nearby, so they are not so concerned.  I don't understand what he means by the White Swan, but that will be another change for the island.
John said Ava told him she was no longer nervous about going to America, but only excited and "unsure."  If I were in her shoes, I would be more than a little unsure!  As soon as we arrived at our gate, I made sure to ask her if she needed to use the rest room, which she did!  At Shanghai we will have to re-check our luggage, as we will switch to American Airlines, flight 288.  Wish us luck, as we try to get Ava through with a backwards name, a "knife" in Aleah's backpack, and metal in my shoes!!!  America, here we come!! 

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