Monday, April 23, 2012

We have Travel Approval!

I received a phone call today from Mary Zoet of Adoption Associates.  I was expecting information from Adoption Associates regarding some questions I had asked about Tu Ying Chuan, so it never occurred to me when Mary said "Guess what I have!" that she had anything other than the answers to my questions.  Our Article 5 went to the CCCWA on April 9th, so it has been EXACTLY two weeks!!  To date, everything has dragged along so slowly that I expected travel approval would take the full four weeks they told me it could . . .  I was so taken aback I couldn't think straight when she was trying to get me to name five dates the American Consulate could schedule our Visa appointment.  I could have chosen to go as soon as May 10th - two weeks away!! - but decided to ask for May 17th, so Aleah would be closer to the end of school (May 23rd).  (The next date was in June.)  I quickly fired off an e-mail to her principal to ask how this will affect Aleah's grades this semester and to announce that Ava Grace will be starting school in the Fall - although in what grade, I do not yet know.  Tomorrow is a conference call to go over travel arrangements.  I still can't believe it!!  This long segment of our "Journey to Grace" is nearing a close.  A whole new chapter is about to begin . . .

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